The Invitation: Freedom

What do you get when you commit to holistic healing through non-toxic living, self directed learning, starting a business and mind mastery? You choose who you want to be and create the life you desire.

You might not realize how you have been programmed because most of the false beliefs and programs are hidden from your conscious mind — even though they are running your daily life.

The golden thread that ties my work together is freedom.

Once you make friends with your true Self by letting go of limiting beliefs, you will have the power, wisdom, and creativity of Source, the Creator, God working through you.

choose your best path
Freedom Awaits You
  • Freedom to invest your time, energy, and creativity to build something you love.
  • Freedom from the psychological manipulation, false beliefs, and perpetual indoctrination. Free to live as the free soul that you were born to be.
  • Freedom to educate your children in a way that preserves their wholeness, genius, and happiness.

You have the inner power to create the life that you most deeply desire. Focus on non-toxic living, learning, and thinking.

The secrets of how we create our lives from the inside out have been hidden from us to make us easier to control. Until now. We live in an inverted, upside-down world. Stop trying to earn the right to love yourself. Dissolve all the limiting beliefs you have about who you are and what you can do.

Your mind was programmed as a child so that you would be easier to control. That stops now. You are an amazing beautiful being connect to Source, our Creator, with unlimited creative power. Your mind is a tool that you can use to create reality. When you master your mind, your life becomes an amazing adventure. If you are a young person or someone looking for a more fulfilling career, check out

Meet Caprice

For the past 20+ years, Caprice has been helping entrepreneurs grow their ventures, empowering families to home educate their kids, and freeing people from psychological suffering.

Caprice spent the first 30 years of her life on the false schooling-achievement-money path. After college, she worked for two U.S. Senators, got an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, and joined two strategy consulting firms. She was making $$$$ and was utterly miserable. A mid life crisis at 30 forced her to start living from the inside out.

On this journey of self-discovery, Caprice started her own consultancy and coaching firm. She home educated her daughters from birth and created several self-directed learning centers. She left an abusive marriage with a man who turned out to be a psychopath.

Refusing to be a victim, Caprice realized that every trial is a blessing that strengthens our souls and bring us closer to the Source of all love and peace. She committed to removing anything toxic from her life and now a non-toxic approach to living, learning, and thinking. Caprice now lives from the stillness of knowing who she truly is. From this space, Caprice is an unstoppable force of unconditional love, compassion, and speaking truth.

Caprice loves coaching men and women to break free of social and psychological constraints. She has helped hundreds of people start and grow their own ventures and home educate their kids. And she would be honored to point you in the direction of your true Self – the eternal place where happiness, love, and peace reside.

She is the author of Healing from School and Instead of Schooling. Caprice has created courses on growing a business, homeschooling, and mind mastery.

Learn more about Caprice and her journey of self discovery and healing trauma.

1:1 Coaching & Consultations

A consultation with Caprice can focus on:

Your Overall Well-Being
  • Make friends with your mind and learn how to turn off misery thinking.
  • Create a powerful bold vision for the next chapter of your life.
  • Relax and enjoy every moment of your life.
Eliminating Financial & Work Stress
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs about money and work.
  • Start a venture that you love. Stop being a debt and wage slave.
  • Create a daily action plan so that you cannot fail.
Homeschooling Help
  • Create a joyful home education plan.
  • Transform homeschooling challenges into fun learning opportunities.
  • Figure out how your kids are wired to learn and create an interests-based curriculum.

Learn more about Coaching & Consultations

Apply for Personal Coaching

I became a certified coach in 2000 to help the CEOs I was consulting with and learned that I am a natural coach because I am always asking questions and listening for the deeper answers. I love coaching open minded, creative souls.

If you would like to meet on a call to explore what you are wanting to create or overcome, or are new to homeschooling, share 3 things about your journey so that I can get to know you better.

  • What do you want to create or grow?
  • What is blocking your success or happiness?
  • How committed are you to this path?

  • When you are ready to start or grow a business outside of the matrix, the Build It. Grow It. course is for you.
  • Take your kids out of government indoctrination camps and educate them at home. Instead of Schooling will guide you joyfully forward.