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  • Are University Rankings Real?
    I don’t think university rankings are real. I think they can be purchased. Please help me to identify great colleges and universities. I cannot find many. My youngest daughter … Read more
  • The Power of Positive Thoughts
    You might not realize the power of positive thoughts in your life. Here’s how to dissolve negative thoughts (lies and energy vampires) instantly… We all experience negative thinking. If … Read more
  • Loneliness is a Lie
    If I had to point to one area in which I suffered mightily since childhood, it would be feeling a sense of loneliness. Sometimes it was sharp and deep, … Read more
  • Dissolving Negative Thoughts with Love
    Your true nature is love. Not romantic love. The unconditional love that accepts what is before it in every moment of life. The love that casts out fear and … Read more
  • Create the life you want in 2023
    Am I the only one that is grateful for 2022? How is gratitude possible in this environment you ask? With every new challenge that I faced in 2022, it became … Read more
  • Trust the Children
    There were some key points that I didn’t have time to make in my interview on the SGT Report, and I want to share them here. Just in case … Read more
  • Soul Matters in Education
    Soul Matters in Education focuses on the importance of the inner life of children in both parenting and education. Caprice had the honor of reading the pre-publication manuscript of … Read more
  • Natural Law and Your Rights
    Natural law is being violated every day by the institutions and bureaucrats that have claimed control over society. To free your Self, you must understand natural law and how … Read more
  • The Purpose of Education
    the following is an excerpt from the course Instead of Schooling “The goal of real education is to bring us to a place where we take full responsibility for … Read more
  • The War for Our Attention
    If you are open-minded and paying attention, it is hard to ignore the fact that we are in the midst of an invisible war. Some say it is a … Read more
  • Realize Your True Self
    Free Your Self From Society You cannot have freedom in this society. It is too upside down. It is an inversion of truth. You experience freedom when you free … Read more
  • Being Love instead of Seeking Love
    Today is Valentine’s Day – the day that my body was born. This post if for anyone who is feeling lonely, incomplete, not enough and wishing for a new … Read more
  • How to Break Free from the Matrix
    I was talking to a friend a few days ago and we agreed that the current medical, psychological, political, monetary, and school systems are deeply corrupted and built on … Read more
  • Full Stop to this Deadly Psychopathic Clown Show
    Realize Your True Being The most urgent problem in the world today is human ignorance. The majority of men and women are ignorant of the true nature of their … Read more
  • 15 Things Schools Get Wrong
    Schooling vs. Learning The basic premise in my book, Instead of Schooling, is that schooling is an industrial process that was designed to break a child’s connection to God … Read more

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