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How to Educate Your Kids without 

Battles or Tears so they Thrive in Adulthood

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I homeschooled both my daughters from birth. My oldest daughter graduated from high school in 2021 with a free ride to college. And she never stepped foot into a school. 

The authorities have done their best to make you believe that you are not up to the task of educating your own children. THIS IS A LIE! Children are born natural learners.

Start educating your own children. You were there first teacher. Nobody knows your kids better than you do.

If you are tired of the status quo, have lost faith in the bureaucrats running K12 schools, colleges and the country, then we invite you to join the Education Freedom Movement.

You can do this to. It’s really not that hard and it can be a whole lot of fun. 

There is no God and there is no soul. Hence, there is no need for the props of traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable truth is dead and buried. There is no room for fixed and natural law or permanent moral absolutes.” – John Dewey, father of modern schooling

The right to educate yourself is a natural human right, not one given to you by any government. 

Notice I didn’t say the right to schooling is a natural human right. Schooling is an institution that was invented by the elite controllers to program people into being obedient and submissive.

The designers of public schooling in America modeled the schools after the Soviet Union with the explicit goal of creating a society without God. 

Most people believe schooling is education. This misunderstanding drives the universal acceptance of forced government schooling. Education and schooling are completely different endeavors. 

Education: a natural right to figure out who you are and what your place is in the world so that you can be fully responsible for your own life; pursuit of self-agency. 

Learning: an innate capacity to adapt Self to one’s environment to grow and thrive. Humans are designed for active learning. 

Schooling: society’s attempt to control individuals by forcing them to be obedient. Schooling is designed around passive learning. 

There are huge efforts that do go into making people, to borrow Adam Smith’s phrase, “as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human being to be.” A lot of the educational system is designed for that, if you think about it, it’s designed for obedience and passivity. From childhood, a lot of it is designed to prevent people from being independent and creative. If you’re independent-minded in school, you’re probably going to get into trouble very early on. That’s not the trait that’s being preferred or cultivated – Noam Chomsky

From Instead of Schooling by Caprice Thorsen

 The fatal flaw of the schooling paradigm is that it was designed from FEAR. You have been conditioned to survive school rather than thrive in life. Schooling falsely claims that learning is a mechanical process best undertaken in neo-Darwinistic competitive individualism same-age classrooms following standardized curriculum. 

Science is currently engaged in a shift that is equal in importance to the Copernican revolution. When you set release science from the myths of materialism, you find that consciousness is primary and human thought is the most powerful creative force on the planet. 

 The powerful elite want to limit the power of your creative thought and convince you that your are a victim of circumstances so that they can control you. Schooling is doing exactly what is was designed to do.

The results of schooling are shockingly grim, evidenced by the high illiteracy rates among college graduates, and adults; lack of engagement; student boredom; skyrocketing anxiety, depression and suicide; and widespread ignorance of fundamental knowledge. 

In addition, 45% of people with student loans don’t think college was worth it, 36% of college graduates had no cognitive gains after 4 years of college, and 70% of graduates from half of U.S. colleges make no more than high school graduates, college tuition has risen 1200% since 1978, and the average college grad has $30,000 in student debt with monthly payments of $393. Young people are bored, anxious, depressed, not learning much, and college becomes indentured servitude for many people.

Your children deserve more. And the world needs their creativity and gifts.”


Get Caprice’s book: Instead of Schooling

“Caprice Thorsen is a mother and educational consultant on a mission – to help parents, especially, understand the constraints of schooling on children’s learning and provide suggestions on how to embrace a kind of learning future that enables children and young people to thrive.” – Michael Maser, alternative educator and author of Learn Your Way

I will help you design the perfect education program for your kids

  1. Discover your kids’ unique gifts and how they learn. 
  2. Design a safe and engaging learning environment. 
  3. Set a daily and weekly rhythm that works for everyone. 
  4. Find affordable and free learning resources, curriculum and classes.
  5. Join with like-minded homeschoolers to form community. 
  6. Relax, enjoy, and know that this is not a race or competition. This is life. 
  7. Take good care of yourself and prioritize self care. 

As our climate heats up, as mountaintops are removed from Orissa to West Virginia, as the oceans fill with plastic and soils become too contaminated to grow food, as the economy crumbles and children go hungry and the 0.001% grows so concentrated, so powerful, so wealthy that democracy becomes impossible, it’s time to ask ourselves: who’s educating us? To what end?  – Carol Black

Here’s a reality check….

School is NOT the golden ticket to the good life. The cultural myth of the benevolent school keeps us all trapped in an unnatural system of information processing and behavior control. 

Once you see that schooling is designed to break kids spirits and enslave them psychologically to the system, you will want to take your kids out of school.  

Schooling trains brains. We need to educate minds. There is a vast difference. And once you understand the difference between the brain and the mind, you will see how to educate your children so that they operate from intuition and the divine intelligence that powers all life. 

Remember, the world that we know today is being run by highly schooled people. It’s time for a change. 

If you’re serious and committed to living from a place of peace and happiness – simply click the button below, give us a few details and schedule a call with me.

I look forward to helping you create the perfect homeschooling program for your family. 

Caprice Thorsen

P.S. You will have more confidence and clarity after our first coaching session, so let’s connect and I will show you how much fun homeschooling can be.