There is a war for our minds and souls. Now is the time to opt out of artificial schooling to educate your sons and daughters joyfully. Instead of Schooling guides readers on a path of soul guided learning and living. We are designed to thrive. Order Instead of Schooling now.

The paradigm of schooling is based on three false belief systems: Humanism, Scientism, and Totalitarian Socialism.  The artificial institution of school keeps us trapped in an unnatural system of information processing and behavior control. The result is generations of men and women who have lost touch with their genius, inner wisdom, and imagination.

Instead of Schooling shows that school is working exactly the way it was designed by men who wanted to play God and scientifically manufacture people who would reflexively obey the orders of outside authorities. The inventors of schooling believed that men and women were soulless animals who could be molded into obedient workers and debt slaves.

Instead of Schooling guides readers to a deeper understanding of how learning happens when young men and women are allowed to play, explore, and create. Following a path of soul guided learning preserves creativity, resilience and happiness..

As we educate young men and women to unleash their unlimited imaginations we create a society based on Truth, beauty, love, peace, and goodness. Order Instead of Schooling now.

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A Strong Call for Education Freedom

Looking beyond the school building and the adults working within, Instead of Schooling takes a hard look at the process of schooling and how it was modeled after schools in the Soviet Union to indoctrinate young people. 

Schooling fills young people with biased and outdated knowledge that reproduces the status quo. 

The book invites you to co-create a living educational network that evolves human consciousness and unleashes the wisdom and creativity of young people to innovate in an increasingly complex world. 

Whether you want your kids to be happier, less stressed, more resilient, creative, experience deeper learning, or get useful life skills, Instead of Schooling is the guidebook.

This inspiring and practical book shows you: 

  • Why schooling was designed to control children and make them obedient workers. It was never designed for learning or self-discovery.
  • How your mind and brain work so that you and your kids can access creativity, resilience, and peace of mind.
  • How to design the days and weeks so that your kids love learning and you ditch the homework battles.
  • How crafting your own educational path will set your child up for more success and happiness than conventional schooling.
  • How to choose the right approach, environment, and resources from a carefully curated selection of education alternatives (online and in-person), resources, and curriculum.

Caprice hated school. Even though schooling came easy to her, school felt like prison. She has dedicated the past 15 years to creating learning spaces and programs that honor the creativity, resilience, and wisdom of young people. 

Caprice has been honored to guide her two daughters on their self-directed learning journeys from birth to adulthood. Her oldest is attending her top choice college on a free ride. Caprice has an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA from the University of Virginia.

Review by Michael Maser, author of Learn Your Way

Caprice Thorsen is a mother and educational consultant on a mission – to help parents, especially, understand the constraints of schooling on children’s learning and provide suggestions on how to embrace a kind of learning future that enables children and young people to thrive.  

‘Instead of Schooling’ is a brilliant, bold book, worthy of its place beside ‘Free to Learn’ by psychology professor Dr. Peter Gray, ‘Learning All the Tiime’ by unschooling patriarch John Holt, ‘Beyond Measure’ by Vicki Abeles, and many other thoughtful critiques on school systems that perpetuate oppressive, conforming actions that intentionally or otherwise stifle the natural genius capabilities of students.  

This book is scattered with impactful insights and quotes from some of my favourite alt-educators like John Taylor Gatto, Brent Cameron and Todd Rose, and also current data identifying dismal trends in literacy and numeracy that perenially link poor learning outcomes to years of public schooling.  

But mixed in with the searing data points and schooling anecdotes are also many inspiring insights from an author who wants her audience to recognize the innate gifts of genius of all children.  She writes, “Your child has everything inside to grow into an amazing adult. Like the acorn will grow into an oak tree, your child has the wisdom, resources, intelligence, and gifts to follow the soul’s calling. Your work is to provide the best environment and curate resources to optimize the growth. You are like the gardener who is making sure the soil is rich, there is enough sun and rain. But you don’t need to modify the seed. It is perfect.” 

As a career alternate-educator and parent myself, I wholeheartedly agree with Caprice Thorsen in her analogy. And I recommend her book as a compendium of resources for any parent or educator seeking to help cultivate ‘Creativity, Resourcefulness and Happiness’ in the course of a child’s learning journey.

Why I wrote Instead of Schooling

Get instant access to a carefully curated list of home education and deschooling resources when you sign up for the newsletter. 😎

We don’t spam! Your info is safe. And you can unsubcribe at any time.

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