Purpose Ignites Engaged Action

We all know that profit is the oxygen or fuel of a company and that it won’t motivate employees to engage and do their best work.

Here are the 7 things that will:

1. Clearly state the values of the organization and ensure that the actions of the leaders model these values.

2. Declare a clear company purpose that aligns with employees’ personal values and purpose.

2. Put Dan Pink’s Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose model into action. Treat team members like volunteers, knowing that they are some of the smartest people and can do anything with their lives.

3. Give team members freedom over their schedule and treat them like adults who want to deliver value. The old factory model of corporations has little to do with creating value – measuring input (hours at office, etc.) is a poor measure of value created.

4. Rotate people in and out of team lead roles with no change in compensation for being in a lead role.

5. Be a virtual organization. Save money on office space so that teams can travel and get together in fun spots.

6. Invest leadership team time on screening candidates and hiring the best people.

7. Give potential new team members a trial to see if it is a good fit. There is no better way to learn if people fit in the culture than having them do the actual work with a team.