The Battle for Your Perception (and Soul)

We are in the middle of a spiritual battle where evil, pathological people and forces want to control humans by activating the programming that they have already inserted into our minds.

If you control people’s perceptions, you can control their thinking, feeling, and actions. Schooling is not education. It is psychological programming.

Psychological programming (aka schooling) has installed false beliefs into your mind that are now running the show. Instead of operating from the infinite intelligence that you are, your fear-based, egoic intellect is in charge. 2021 is the year that we let go of this fear-based programming and operate from love and understanding. Love is stronger than fear.

Your life is a mirror. It is a reflection of your inner world. You have manifested on this physical plane so that you get this mirror to illuminate what is going on in your soul. This means that all discomfort, fear, and “negative” feelings are gifts to help you realize a clean spirit.

What is Going On?

Schooling (and the mainstream media) is designed to control people’s perceptions through carefully designed programming. We are programmed from birth to be disconnected from Spirit and to become fearful, obedient, and helpless. Here I will share some ideas from my book, Instead of Schooling

I liken this programming to a computer virus that they implanted into your spiritual operating system. This virus was well-designed by behavioral psychologists. It is intentional. It takes nearly 13 years for the virus to become enmeshed in your mind. Middle school and high school was invented in the 1930s after administrators realized that most Americans were leaving school after their elementary years. They were leaving before the programming was complete.

Psychopathic “experts” and leaders activate your programming through fear porn and hope porn using their mainstream media outlets that are controlled by 6 multinational companies. They are actively censoring any truth that weakens their gloom and doom narrative. I point you here to three excellent sources of truth from doctors around the world and the Solari Report. There are more and they’re all being censored.

You only need to look at what social engineers actually said as compulsory schooling was being designed to understand this fear-based programming.

“Let us go back and distinguish between the two things that we want to do; for we want to do two things in modern society. We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class, of necessity, in every society, to forego the privileges of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks. You cannot train them for both in the time that you have at your disposal…We are either trying to make liberally-educated persons out of them, or we are trying to make skillful servants of society along mechanical lines, or else we do not know what we are trying to do.

President Woodrow Wilson, 1909, President of Princeton College 

“School was designed as an institution to deprive the majority of people of a liberal education and instead force them to endure a program of character reform that would turn them into manual laborers. It was designed to hobble minds so that they wouldn’t rebel against inhumane working conditions or the coming totalitarian socialist society. 

How do you go about hobbling a mind? Memorization and repetition is the most efficient method of impeding conceptual intellectual development. This form of teaching was borrowed from schools in India where drill instruction was used with the lower castes to ensure that they remained ignorant.” – Instead of Schooling

The men who forced compulsory schooling on Americans often at gunpoint (yes, they were all white men), were inspired by and allied with communists in Russia and colonizers in India. 

The father of modern schooling in the United States, John Dewey, was a revolutionary Marxist and created the Dewey Commission to defend the honor of Leon Trotsky (a Soviet communist revolutionary) and the honor of “the revolutionary Marxist movement throughout the world”. The way that schools were described in the Soviet Union in the early 1900s is almost identical to how they are described in the United States today. 

In 2021, we need to dissolve our psychological programming to become courageous, sovereign, and powerful. This is a spiritual revolution that we are all being called to. It is an inside-out revolution. Your world and your body are mirrors of your inner world – your spirit, mind, and heart. Our society  is a mirror of our collective soul. 

Schooling Breaks Humans

I have written and spoken about the process of schooling extensively. I want to be clear that I am not speaking about SCHOOL – the building or the people. Most adults feel ferociously loyal to their local, community school. They have been programmed to be. This is not what I am referring to. 

I am speaking about the process of schooling which is a psychological process that is designed to break humans. It breaks humans by breaking their connection to SPIRIT, WISDOM, LOVE, and INTUITION. 

It is designed to break humans. It is working perfectly. Our school system is not broken. You cannot control humans who are courageous, fearless, sovereign, and powerful. You can only control fearful, obedient, helpless humans. 

Am I the only one who sees the extreme foolishness of this business of breaking children’s spirits with the belief that there is a body of knowledge they need to memorize? The harm of using arbitrary, subjective grades to determine the value of a person? To put them in a collectivistic environment that forces them to compete as individuals all doing the same thing that none of them chose to do. It’s all completely absurd.

People are suffering because their souls have been schooled and their minds have been institutionalized.

Schooling focuses solely on programming the left side of the brain, ignoring the right-side of the brain that comprehends the whole, sees patterns, makes meaning, and is the source of creativity. Schooling is designed to create humans who rely solely on their intellect and can be controlled through fear-based propaganda. 

Schooling Creates Fragile Ego-Driven People

Schooling trains us to craft and strengthen our personhood, when the truth is that we are spiritual beings who have been given a body-mind to awaken to our spiritual essence. 

The root of human suffering is the belief that “I am this small, separate ego and I am not enough”.  My biggest concern with schooling is that it is emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually abusive. It teaches us that we are not enough. Nobody is good at everything, but schooling forces us to perform in all artificial subject areas according to a made-up timetable. It doesn’t matter what our gifts and interests are. We are labeled “good in English” or “good in math” or “good at sports”. 

Schooling produces the people who maintain the status quo and prop up our growth-driven consumer economy. Schooled people will work at mundane jobs for low wages and consume all the stuff that our economy needs to sell to survive. It was designed this way.

In the early and mid-1990s, behavioral psychologists re-designed schooling to produce compliant workers. 

The institution of school has stoked our inner fires of insecurity and fear to control us, keep our butts in seats at school doing make-work that we usually don’t find interesting or relevant. Threats of bad grades, office referrals, in-school suspension, combined with public ridicule and shame, leave students fearful, stressed, and insecure.

You’ve been trained by school to see yourself as a performer who is constantly being judged by outside authorities. 

Your value in the job market is… only demonstrated by proxy with a piece of paper that proves you did your time. 13 years in school gets you a high school diploma. 6 more years might get you a college degree. 

Rather than rely on your own direct experience of life to guide you forward, you are trained to look to “experts” to tell you what to think and what to believe. 

One problem with schooling using primarily textbooks and tests to teach is that it presents a view of reality as if it is the truth. Knowledge is never value-free. All ideas are made-up. What was once regarded as common knowledge by a previous generation is now viewed as inaccurate or completely wrong. We must admit that what previous civilizations and generations believed have been debunked. 

Why do We Educate our Young? 

“The goal of real education is to bring us to a place where we take full responsibility for our own lives.”

– John Taylor Gatto

This is a worthy debate to have. Why do we educate our young? Birds show their young to fly, wild cats show their young to hunt, humans show their young how to live by including them in adult society. Young people discover who they are and how they can function successfully in the world by participating in it. We don’t teach humans how to learn. The mind is not a muscle that needs to be exercised. And it is not a machine that needs to be filled with information. In fact, filling it with information can block our ability to receive wisdom. 

We come into this world as free beings connected to our innate wisdom and wellbeing. We let our thoughts and emotions pass through without hooking us. We have free will and choose where to focus our attention. We are free from fear and do not judge. We are naturally curious, resilient, altruistic, cooperative. We thrive in nature and through play. Energy flows through our body, encouraging us to move. 

Humans are designed to learn so that they grow into self-sufficient beings who self-direct their learning and lives. Learning is a natural, internal process of awakening to Self that best happens as the free inquiry of a relaxed, peaceful, playful mind. We need to trust that humans are designed to learn, and desire is the calling of their soul to learn something. It may be dance, painting, building, writing, or molecular biology. The point is that it is their choosing.

The Right to Educate Yourself

The right to educate yourself is a natural human right, not one given to you by any government. Notice I didn’t say the right to schooling is a natural human right. Schooling is an institution that was invented by men. Education is required by nature for each individual to learn how to adapt to their unique environment. 

Every child writes the story of their life and needs to be able to ask essential questions about it. Education encourages you to explore the philosophical questions: Where did life come from? What is my purpose? Is there a God? 

One reason that schooling is destructive is because it pretends to have the answers to these questions. Schooling is designed around false existential certainty and pretends that there is a set body of knowledge that needs to be memorized.” – Instead of Schooling

The False Beliefs That Were Programmed Into You

In my book, I laid out five false and destructive beliefs that have been programmed into you. I share them here. 

False Belief #1: You are separate and alone in a cold, uncaring world.

False Belief #2: Human thinking is not a creative force.

False Belief #3: Your intellect defines who you are

False Belief #4: Life is to be conquered, not to be held sacred

False Belief #5: You need to obey

And now I will add one more belief that you can see in action all around you.

False Belief #6: Obedient People are Good People

It is not wise or good to obey pathological psychopaths who want to enslave you for their benefit. If you want to know who is behind this great reset, then follow the money. Who has gotten even richer during the past 12 months? I will write about the difference between a psychopathic leader and an altruistic leader in my next post.

Begin by Discovering your True Self

I had to ignore my inner knowing to survive school. Regaining a connection to God/All-Possibilities/Source/Divine Intelligence has been my spiritual journey since getting a masters at Carnegie Mellon. I realized that I was well-schooled and missing the important education one needs to develop into a mature spiritual being. When you live as a sovereign spiritual being, life becomes a joyful mystery again. 

Fortunately, humans are designed to thrive. Learning is a natural human pursuit. Our design is beautiful and magnificent. Not even schooling can break our spirits. 

If you were schooled into thinking that your self-worth is attached to performance, achievement, grades, teacher approval, then it’s time to wake up and re-jigger your estimation of yourself.  There is no correlation between success in school and success in life. The average GPA of millionaires is 2.9.

If you continue to believe that your self-worth is connected to your stuff (house, car, job title, clothes, etc.), your credit score, your performance review, or your number of social media friends, then it’s time to wake up and start living your own life.

If you were schooled to think that you are a passive participant in your own life, it is time for you to begin to create the life that you want to live. And stop schooling your kids. The “I suffered through it, they will too” argument is just a symptom of the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

I do understand that many beings prefer to be controlled. They do not want to be free. They choose not to exercise their free will. So be it. We are not concerned with them. They who are comfortable with their slavery may continue to be enslaved and asleep. 

What Do You Believe? 

If you believe that…

  • There is no creative force, higher power or God in the universe.
  • Science and technology are the supreme powers that will solve all earthly problems. 
  • Children enter the world as completely blank slates, with no soul or calling.
  • They will become bad and useless unless trained otherwise.
  • Children must be forced to learn because they are lazy.
  • We need to be controlled by a powerful, centralized state that is led by self-chosen elites, otherwise it will be chaos.
  • An under-educated class of workers-consumers is an essential part of the design.

Then forced government schooling is your solution.

If you believe (like me) that…  

  • Life is a wonderful, awe-inspiring mystery and chances are good that there is a universal intelligence, consciousness, or God that exists.
  • Humans are part of nature, not outside of it or above it. 
  • The use of technology is best moderated by wisdom. 
  • Humans are naturally curious and designed to learn.
  • Children are inherently resilient, cooperative, and empathic.
  • Each child is unique with gifts, talents, a calling and a purpose.
  • Human creativity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship are positive forces that can be encouraged and expanded.
  • People have an innate drive to create, not consume.

Then de-school yourself and take your kids out of forced government programming.

If this resonates with you, please reach out to start a conversation. If you would like to learn more about the forced programming of schooling, read Instead of Schooling. And if you need guidance to de-school yourself, discover your true Self and purpose, then email me to request a coaching session.

with love,