the power of positive thoughts

The Power of Positive Thoughts

You might not realize the power of positive thoughts in your life. Here’s how to dissolve negative thoughts (lies and energy vampires) instantly…

We all experience negative thinking. If you learn how to dissolve them, you will be happy and relaxed. It’s up to you. You have the power to dissolve negative thoughts. Instantly. 

Realize that you are first and foremost an energetic, spiritual being. Your thoughts are packets of energy that impact your psyche, body, and your environment. Yes, thoughts are just that powerful. Thoughts can give you energy or deplete your essential life force.

Positive Thoughts in the Mind of God

Many ancient spiritual traditions tell us that the world in which we are living is really a thought in the mind of God. After studying energy, the mind and witnessing how mind and circumstances are connected, I see this as a fundamental truth. 

We are also told that there is only one mind – God’s mind, that has been divided into individual minds to experience and expand Creation. The important thing to remember is that your mind is always connected to God’s mind. Always. You cannot disconnect. But you can forget. 

Then why is the world in such chaos? Why does life often seem so meaningless and devoid of purpose? Around 6,000 years ago, ego consciousness hijacked our Christ consciousness and we began a long period of domination, war, slavery, and disconnection from our essential nature. 

Demons Hijacked Your Consciousness

Your thinking mind is your ego consciousness. It isn’t a friend. It is highly toxic and keeps you recycling patterns of thought and behavior that aren’t what you desire. 

If your thinking mind were your friend, wouldn’t you only think beautiful life sustaining thoughts about your self and your life? The thinking mind is a vampire that slowly consumes your vital life energy until you feel like just escaping or giving up. The past becomes a heavy burden on your psyche that robs you of the beauty of the present moment. 

You need to check out the work of Jerry Marzinsky who showed me clearly that the negative thoughts I was having are demons trying to attack me. They become especially active when I am launching a new project that would benefit mankind. He shares that there are definite patterns that the demons use. One of my most effective weapons against them is the 23rd psalm and the practice I share below of non-consent.

The Power of Positive Thoughts? Starve the Negative

The remedy? Starve the negative thoughts as they arise in the moment. Starve your ego consciousness. It is not the real you. It is an imposter that has convinced you it is you. 

How do you do this? Do not consent to the negative thoughts. 

When a negative or uncomfortable thought arises, say to yourself silently or out loud “I AM not interested”. That’s it. Seriously it can’t get any simpler.  I go into this in more detail in my Free Your Mind course.


By stating “I am not interested” firmly and with love you starve the thought. Try it. Start right now. 

Practice the art of non-attachment. If you are feeling attached to a thought or a feeling, it means that it is attached to your consciousness. You need to starve it. 

The next time you have a negative thought, observe it from a distance and just say, “I am not interested.” See the thought form as a bubble. As you withdraw your energy and attention from it, it dissolves. Instantly. Pop! 

Ego consciousness feeds on fear. Remember, all negative thoughts are lies. They are all based on the fear of loss. In this perfect present moment, there is nothing to lose, nothing to gain. 

Negative Thoughts are Universal NOT Personal

Here are some of the universal negative thoughts that ego consciousness feeds all of us:

  • I’m afraid I won’t be able to provide for myself and my family. 
  • I am not lovable. 
  • I am not okay. 
  • I am stuck and my life will always suck. 
  • I am not smart enough. 
  • I am not good enough. 
  • I don’t deserve love. 
  • I will never find a partner. 
  • Life is not fair. 
  • I have to work really hard to make money. 
  • I can never get ahead. 

Why are all of these negative thoughts so common and universal? Because they are part of the program and pattern of ego consciousness. It is not personal to you. It is an energetic vampire that has taken over mankind. 

We are so busy pretending that we don’t have these negative thoughts and playing the ego game of achieving our way to feeling lovable, that we don’t connect deeply with other people. If we do connect, it is though our needy, screwed up egoic selves. We look to other people to negate our negative thoughts and make us feel okay and special. 

Only You Can Do This

Only you can claim the power of positive thoughts. Negating your negative thoughts is an inner job. Nobody can do it for you. 

See ego consciousness as an unwelcome guest that has come to stay at your home and won’t leave. It plants negative thoughts in your heart and mind. Then it feeds off of the fear that these thoughts generate it. And it grows stronger and hungrier. 

Kick ego consciousness out of your home. Slam the door shut and bolt it. The ego games stops here. There is nothing to lose by starving the ego and everything to gain. You regain your inner peace, stillness, and the unconditional love that is waiting for you. If you need help, check out my online course: Free Your Mind or start with the free mini course: From Stress to Inner Peace.

The Most Powerful Positive Thought: I AM

I AM are the two most powerful words in the world. When Moses asked God who he was, the reply was: 

I AM that I AM  - Exodus 3:14

The implications for this in your life are immense. You become who you think you are. Who do you think you are?

I am the hands, feet, heart, and mouthpiece for God. I am love. I am light. I am strong. I am free. I am creative. I am that I am. I claim the power of positive thoughts for my life.

And I am not interested in giving my vital life force to negative thoughts and lies. I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!!

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